Once on a sunny Saturday morning, an old lady went to the bank to withdraw £10. Upon asking the bank assistant, he snappily told her that she would need to use the ATM, as the withdrawal was less than £100.

The old lady was shocked, and rather than listening to the assistant, she wanted to know why. The assistant returned her card and informed her that these are the rules. The old lady scowled, and the assistant began to grow agitated. “I cannot change the rules. Please leave if I cannot help you with anything else”, he snapped.

She was silent for a few seconds. Handed back her bank card, as if nothing happened, and sweetly asked “please help me withdraw all the money I have”. The assistant was nothing but shocked when he checked the account balance. “You have £300,000 in there”, he coyly muttered almost under his breath. “We can’t issue that much cash. We will have to schedule an appointment, can you come back tomorrow”.

“How much can I withdraw, now?”, she asked.

“Up to £3000”, the assistant had begun to become annoyed, again.

“Okay, well please may I have £3000 then”, she said with a forced smile.

He handed her the £3000, and wished her a lovely day; albeit still a little agitated at the old ladies’ persistence. She proceeded to put £10 in her purse, and then quickly asked “oh, yes before I go.”

The assistant sighed, “Yes?”.

“Please may you deposit £2990 into my account”, she said softly, grinning from ear to ear.

Remember to think outside of the box, you never know what you could gain from it!