At the Monday morning meeting today, the team were examining our current position and where the business progresses from this moment. Subsequently, the 'snow ball' effect was something that we came back to as a reflection of our situation. It is something that can be applied to a variety of situations and businesses.

Numerous things in our lives are found to follow the snow ball effect. You will find that in a lot of cases it is what sets apart the successful people and those who only just get by. This is because consistency is one of the key aspects to the snow ball effect, yet can also be the most mentally taxing. If you have an undeniable passion for something then your consistency will reflect on your drive and motivation. Giving up may seem the easiest option, but having the right mindset and discipline ultimately is what separates success from failure.

The key to a strong snow ball is equally strong foundations. This is something we have applied to our business and something that can be reflected in a variety of situations. Strong foundations consist of a tightly packed, and well made strategy. Starting off slowly but strongly minimizes the risk of parts breaking off.

How can you apply the snowball effect to your goals? Let us know your thoughts,


Lawton Benjamin Consultants