What is key in the journey to success? The right mindset helps, yes. The determination, of course. However, today we are looking at an excellent example of how having the right people around you is so important on your journey to success. Ex-footballer and Liverpool all time Premier League top goal-scorer Robbie Fowler is a prime example of how valuable it is to surround yourself with the right people.

Despite belonging to a generation of players that often fell victim to football’s large bank balances, Robbie Fowler’s reputation for prudent investment ultimately outlasted his goal scoring prime. Here, we explore the dimensions of his property empire, and what has become a very lucrative second career through the support of a strong group of people.

Fowler made his professional debut in 1993. This was the second season of the English premier league, at a time where footballing fame was becoming the norm in English football. Furthermore, it was a time where there were too many negative stories to mention regarding bad investments and bankruptcy among naïve players with very little financial knowledge and support. Fowler is renowned for his achievements during his time in the premier league and more specifically, Liverpool FC. On the other hand, what isn’t mentioned a lot was his prosperous investment strategy in property. Fowler retired in 2012 with a net worth of an estimated £31 million. Most of this was through smart investments and his partnership with Steve McManaman.

One of the main catalysts for why a lot of players fall into financial trouble falls under their lack of support with regards to dealing with money. Robbie Fowler was lucky in the fact that his manager at the time, Graeme Souness was there to provide support and was cautious that his talent would make him vulnerable. During his teenage years, Souness introduced Fowler to George Scott, a financial advisor who would prosper to become a long standing ally of Robbie Fowler. Scott would also act as his agent for new contracts and endorsement deals. This ultimately helped tilt Fowler in the right direction financially, with professional support on how to take care of his earnings with his future in mind.

Fowler’s wife, Kerrie Fowler is said to be a large reason for his success beyond his footballing career, as she is in charge of all investments and the property businesses. Robbie described her as the one ‘wearing the trousers’ to the Sun in 2015, then going on to say how ‘I play football and bring the money in, she’s the boss’.

This all portrays a great example of how important it is to have the right people around you with regards to financial guidance. Having the support from a trusted group is vital, the people who care for you the most will dismiss saying what you want to hear, and focus on expressing what you need to hear. Player welfare should be at the forefront of all decision making. Whilst many players of Fowler’s age would have been told to ‘know there own place’ and get on with what they’re good at, this ultimately led to a variety of scary statistics and stories of player bankruptcies and damages to their mental wellbeing. Having the right people around you is so important on your journey to success.


Lawton Benjamin Consultant