Mission Statement

With offices in London, Dubai, and the Isle of Man we are an international company that specialises in Business Restructuring to save you and your company money off your tax bill.

We have a vast network of business advisors, accountants, and tax specialists on hand to help you in line with your specific industry and geographical location.

Our outstanding team of consultants provide strategic financial and business advice built on years of expertise and experience. We help clients and companies not only achieve but surpass their goals. With a focus on increasing profitability, we keep costs at a minimum by reducing the burden of tax on your company and directors.

We make complicated tax planning effortless with simple plans, straightforward advice, and the drive to propel you towards success.

Areas of Speciality

Music and Entertainment

I.P. on Inventions

Sports Stars


Trust & Family Wealth Planning

Property Management

Films and Media


Many of our clients operate in more than one country, this means that many issues arise such as Dual Taxation, and Withheld Tax. With international resources and the expertise of our consultants, we can help you navigate differing regulations and save you significant sums. We focus on long term strategies that ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

To see if you are eligible, simply complete a short questionnaire on our website which is listed below this article.

Once we have an idea of your company’s objectives, we will assign a consultant to you that will help you achieve your business goals. We will then schedule a meeting, either in person or via video call to get an in-depth understanding of your requirements.

This is entirely dependent on your business requirements, and we charge you a percentage of the total you will be saving by working with us. Alongside this, we charge a small monthly retainer which will be agreed upon beforehand.

All we require is for you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that should you leave our services; you are not to contact our team within 12 months following our agreement.

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